Sunday, 27 August 2017

Whether you're looking to race hard for 4 hours, or chill with friends while putting in a few laps, come join us on Sunday August 27, 2017 on some of the best mountain bike trails in the Maritimes.

Four Hours of Fun!

Mark August 27, 2017 in your calendar for the Woolastook 4. If you want to push yourself to the limit with 4 hours of single-track riding, this event is for you. If you think that sounds completely nuts, this event is also for you!

If you did this even last year, you'll know that we had a major course upgrade by taking out a ton of roots. We'll be doing more of the same this year, so the course will be faster and more fun than ever.

Apart from that, the spirit will be the same. The Woolastook 4 is about having 4 hours of fun, on your own terms. If you want to race for the win, or have a friendly rivalry, you'll find riders here to push you. But if you want to ride a few laps at your own pace and hang out between laps, you'll have plenty of company. Riding as a team is also a great way to go. Take turns riding hard and chilling out, and 4 hours will be over before you know it. Usually about half the riders compete as part of a team so don't be shy. Teams can be 2 or 3 riders.

The course suits a wide range of abilities. If you are have never done a mountain bike event before there are a couple of sections (uphill and down) that you may want to walk, but the course as a whole is fun singletrack and dual track, not extreme climbs or descents. A loop of the track generally takes 25 - 40 minutes, depending on ability and fitness.

PS - we're always looking for volunteers to help out. If you're interested, e-mail us here.